Thursday, August 6, 2009

Article of Faith Games

As an Activity Day Girl's leader one of my primary focus's has been teaching the girl's their articles of faith. WE as leaders have tried as hard as we can to teach and re-enforce all 13 articles of faith. In that time we've come up with many games to play and today we played two of them. Today was our first day back for Activity Girls after taking july off. We had less than half of our 19 girls, which is normal for August. We played two games. The first is Article of Faith tic tac to. I divided the girls into two teams (X's & O's) and assigned a team leader to each side. The team captain's played rock paper scissors to determine which team goes first in our game. Then, the teams take turns drawing a card from the deck of cards I have that have either a number (of an article of faith) or the key word. They then consult as a team and recite the article of faith that they've drawn as accurately as they can. I am so impressed, they are soooooo good! Such good girls! We played two games. The first resulted in a stale mate and the second was won roundly by the O's. Not a single article of faith was missed, the O's only won because they had better strategy. Do you know how impressed I am that my girls can rattle off an article of faith based on the # or a keyword???

the second game we played was to focus on one article of faith, in this case # 6 and recite the article of faith while tossing a water balloon back and forth with a partner. The girl's loved this game too..... it got kinda wild, but I expected it to.

(It's kinda tricky to get a picture of them tossing the balloon, but trust me, it's there!!)

I'm constantly looking for good ways to teach and re-enforce gospel principles. I find it fun and challenging! :)


  1. cool Ideas!!! we need something like that for scouts, always trying to find new ways to make it fun!

  2. sounds like fun..activity day leader sounds like such a fun calling. I bet you love working with the young girls. great ideas too Hope


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